Why Fiber?

Fiber Optic technology is designed to transfer information over long distances with minimal loss. Traditional internet service has borrowed old technology from telephone service (copper wire) which is more susceptible to wear & tear and does not carry your data as efficiently. Less wear and tear keeps money in your pocket. Unlike other companies, we don’t have to transfer maintenance and repair costs to you. Our services are affordable, reliable, and FAST.

Our infrastructure is insulated underground. Terrible windstorm? No problem! Someone takes out a telephone pole in your neighborhood? You don’t have to worry! Our Fiber cables are buried safely underground which means if you have power to your home, you have our internet service.


Can I still watch TV?

Absolutely! Strada Fiber Internet service gives you the speed and reliability to watch any TV channel you like through subscription applications like Netflix (movies and TV shows), Fubo (traditional cable package), YouTube TV, etc. The options are almost endless. Our team can help you save money and find the services that work best for you. We will help you set up your TV to make sure you don’t miss any of your favorite movies, shows or channels.


What if I want to keep my landline phone service?

Great! Strada has Voice Over IP (VOIP) phone packages available for residential and business customers. These phones connect directly with your internet service. Ask us about our options and packages.


How does the installation work?

Our team installs our Fiber underground throughout the area. When you decide to sign up, our team will come to your property to locate anything you may already have in the ground. We will connect our existing Fiber to your home by drilling a line underground and placing a NID (about the size of an iPad) to the outside of your house to connect the Fiber to your modem inside. The last step is for our technicians to set up your modem, make sure you are getting signal in all the areas you need, and presto! You now have 100% Fiber Internet service. If you sell your home, are moving or decide to cancel our pause services, your home is connected for good.


Did you know that having Fiber Internet installed in your home increases the property value by an average of 3.1%?

What Modem Do I Use?

All Strada customers are provided with a fiber optic modem for network connectivity free of charge. Customers may choose to use their own Wi-Fi router or purchase a fiber optic GigaCenter router from Strada for $249.99 plus tax. A router purchased from Strada comes with a 1-year service and replacement warranty.

804 Wi-Fi mesh satellite extenders are used when customers would like to expand their home Wi-Fi network or have reduced Wi-Fi signal strength due to multiple walls, microwaves, baby monitors, or your neighbor’s Wi-Fi. Strada offers 804 mesh satellites for purchase at $99.99 plus tax and includes a 1-year service and replacement warranty. Strada customers may also rent an 804 mesh satellite with a protection plan for $4.99 per month.

We support the equipment we provide you. If you choose to use another Wi-Fi solution, Strada cannot support it without a service charge.


How Does Strada Bill For Service?

Upon completion of installation and service activation, customers will be invoiced by email for the remaining days of the month’s installation. Regular invoicing will begin on the first day of each month, due net 15 days.

All invoices are sent via email.

Strada Communications offers recurring ACH and credit card transactions.

Checks are accepted and can be mailed to:

  • Strada Communications
  • PO Box 298
  • Rapids City, IL 61278

Acceptable Use Policy

The Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) below has been designed to ensure a responsible use of the Internet and its resources, and to avoid practices that degrade the usability of the network.

Strada Internet Acceptable Use Policy


Suspension or Cancellation Policy

You may cancel or temporarily suspend your internet service with Strada Communications at any time. You are responsible for all fees up until your requested date and must return any leased equipment within 10 days of your last date of service. Suspension of service does not require the return of equipment. Suspension or cancellation of services cannot be applied retroactively.

Strada Suspension or Cancellation Policy



Here is a great document to assist you in troubleshooting any issues that you may be having prior to contacting us. 

Troubleshoot Doc for website