Because we are your local Fiber Internet Provider, we are calling upon on our best advocates – YOU!

Strada Communications offers an incentive-based referral program to show our gratitude for your support and help in getting the word out there. 

When you refer a new customer, we will take 50% off your next bill. Here’s how it works: 

– Send referral contact information to Strada (by phone, e-mail or via the website), a Strada team member  will reach out, and you will receive credit OR

– The new customer will be asked how they heard about Strada, and when they mention your name, you  will receive credit 

A few rules: 

– You will receive the credit once your referral has signed up (signed customer agreement)

– We will notify you when a referral discount will be applied (shown as Referral Discount Customer Name) on your next invoice 

– One discount can be applied per month; e.g. if you refer two new customers in April, you will receive 50%  off your May & June statements 

– There is no limit to how many customers you refer 

– Customers outside our current service area and active expansions cannot be included as a customer  referral 

We are grateful for your support and assistance in helping us let our community know we are striving to provide  the fastest, most reliable internet service available. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us  by phone or e-mail. 

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Why Strada?

– Your home’s internet is directly connected to our servers; there is no sharing of service with  your neighbors like with other internet service providers 

– We describe it like driving on a crowded interstate and having your own lane

– We do not have caps on data or usage, hidden fees, installation costs, or long-term agreements  because we do not need to rely on these tactics to keep our customers 

– Having Fiber Optic Internet in your area raises property values, on average, by 3%*

– We are a local, Veteran owned and operated business 

– Our infrastructure is underground, insulating it from the elements, major weather events,  accidents, and wear and tear; we offer battery packs in the event of a power outage

– We offer Military and Veteran Discounts, an Ambassador Program, and a customer referral  option to help reward our customers for their support 

– Our service is 100% Fiber Optic Internet where other local internet providers have “Fiber-like”  technology, and use the term to draw folks in 


*Study conducted in 2015 by The Fiber to the Home (FTTH) Council Americas;