Company Mission

Strada Communications is committed to supplying our community with the finest, 100% Fiber Internet available. We support our mission by adhering to the highest ethical conduct in our business dealings, providing incomparable customer service, maintaining support of local social and environmental policies, and creating a positive work opportunity in our community.

Who We Are

Strada Communications is a Quad City based, locally operated, and veteran-owned business. Because our team has deep roots in this area, we fully understand the need to get our community connected and stay connected. We employ local staff who know the area, who know you, and listen to what our community wants and needs.


Why 100% Fiber Internet is Simply Better

Unlike our local competitors, you have your own dedicated 100% Fiber Optic connection. Because of this, you do not share your internet connection with your neighbors. For instance, imagine having your very own lane on a crowded highway. Your connection directly ties to our state of the art server hub.

Because our fiber cables are underground, your internet service has outstanding reliability and service quality. As a result, your connection is insulated from elemental wear and tear, storms and disruption of neighboring power lines.

100% Fiber allows for extremely scalable internet options at competitive pricing.
Because Fiber sends your connection at the speed of light, you can upload, download, and stream multiple devices for your home or business.